My Opinion on the Books I Read.

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Death’s Last Run by Robin Spano

I read mysteries all the time and it occurred to me the it would be something interesting to blog about. My blogging to date has been stilted and plot school centred. This is different.

Nothing so lofty as a book review, but my person opinion of a book I’ve read, based on what I like and dislike AND my experience of writing mystery plots over 30 years of live industrial theatre; plus 60 years of reading whatever I could get my hands on.

DEATH’S LAST RUN by Robin Spano

A delightful find with an edgy, unlikable female lead that you nevertheless care about. If Spano represents the current calibre of Canadian Mystery Writing, we are indeed in a Golden Age. Recommended read for those who like their mysteries light and fast paced with an in-your-face grit.

That’s my opinion.

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