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GIN JOINT – A WWII Murder Mystery Script

Gin Joint Murder Mystery Script

Our WWII murder mystery script, Gin Joint, is a ticket to World War II French Morocco with an underground resistance, undercover spies and under the table deals. Requires 3 male and 3 female professional improv actors or eager amateurs, some props and minimal rehearsal time. Director notes tell you how to pull it all together. They are best performed as an improv script, with the dialogue being as a springboard into improvisation, but can also be used as a traditional scripts by memorizing the simple lines. Email us for a sample package.

Gin Joint

Jump, jive and wail your way down to Dick’s Gin Joint for an evening of swing and swindling.  Watch your pocket, pocket your watch and act innocent:  two German couriers carrying important documents were murdered on the train from Oran.  Colonel Kaput has been instructed to round up all suspicious characters.  Be sure to have your papers in order or this could mean you.

            Dick Dashing, the owner of the Gin Joint in French Morocco, 1942, and a broken-hearted man with nothing left to live for. Dick doesn’t care whether his customers drown their sorrows in drink, gamble in the back room, or conduct Black Market business in his establishment.

            Fester Weasel, leader of the local Black Market Operation is doing a booming business in stolen documents tonight at the Gin Joint. But first he has to meet the man who has them and ‘do a trade’.

            Kid de Camp, is in town to rejoin her husband, Victor de Camp who recently escaped from the enemy. Kid is Fester’s niece and is just as sweet as he is rotten – except for the time she broke Dick’s heart.

            Victor de Camp, leader of the French Resistance who likes to shop on the Black Market but he has been cheated by Fester one time too many and now he wants revenge. 

            Maxene Merlot, is a luscious bar floozy who loves Fester – or maybe she’s just using him for free nylon stockings. She use to be married to Dick but it didn’t work out. Not much works out for Maxene since she’s hit the sauce so hard.

            Sadie Stiletto, lounge singer and the new ‘canary’ at the Gin Joint. It seems like she doesn’t know anyone when, really, she knows Colonel Kaput very well.

            Colonel Kaput of the Third Reich is ready for a promotion and he’ll do anything to get it.

Join the reckless, the ruthless and the underground Resistance men as they wait for a way out of Casablanca . . . and wait and wait and wait.

This download is everything you need to conduct a full murder mystery event: the Scenario, detailed notes and directions for every scene, suggested dialog to grease your actors’ improv wheels, and plenty of Director’s Notes from our 25-plus years of conducting professional murder mysteries.

Perfect for theater troupes looking for new shows, vacation resorts upscaling their offerings, or restaurants aiming to rule dinnertime, these scripts can be utilized by seasoned professionals or eager amateurs alike. All you really need is a Director with a good sense of timing, six actors who like to ham it up and a few easy to find props.

Read more about how our scripts work here.


Customer Service is a priority for us here at Mystery Factory. All of our scripts and parties come with online support. Just contact us if you have any questions about the mystery or need help adapting the scripts or instructions.

Instant Download – Party On!

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Your purchase is for one-time performance rights.

If you plan on multiple performances, simply repurchase the script from our website for each additional show to cover royalty charges. Thank you for your co-operation and honesty.


Hi Juanita
Just a message to say that we eventually did our One night’s Performance of Gin Joint last night to an audience of 80 diners, in a large wooden shack that we converted to the Gin Joint. Fake smoke, dim lighting, candles on tables, incidental music from the onset creating the just right atmosphere.
Thanks to your excellent script and the creativity of the team, we went back to 1942 with many of the audience dressed appropriately…. What a great night, both the audience and ourselves had!

We thought we’d send you a photo and if you’re wondering why there is more cast than scripted, that is because I, as Director, couldn’t help but get involved with the audience too, in my red Fez, darkened beard and false teeth.

Thanks for allowing us to perform the Gin Joint… at the end of the night we were immediately asked if we would perform another Murder Mystery later in the year so we will doubtless be looking at you site for another one.

Kind regards
Ian Wood
Cheadle Amateur Theatrical Society

    • Hi Catherine – Thank you for your interest in our scripts! I’ve sent the samples from Gin Joint & Dying For Chocolate.
      Please confirm that you received these and could open them. Let me know if you have any questions after you’ve had a chance to check them out.

  • I would love to see a perusal copy of Gin Joint. Looking for new script idea for our organization. Does it involve audience participation/interaction and solving a murder in a dinner setting?

  • Hello, I was wondering if this script came with space to do a miniature ballroom lesson in it. im part of a ballroom organization looking to do a murder mystery but we wanted to add in a lesson. If you arent sure, could i have a sample so i could look at the beginning and see if there is space myself?
    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Tristen – there is absolutely space to add a miniature lesson. The script is divided into 3 acts so you could do it after any of those, depending on what else your evening looks like. If you are serving food then that is a break in itself and you don’t want to add a lesson at the same time because if you go ‘away’ from the script for more than 20 minutes or so then the audience looses the plot of the mystery. Just the way it works. Within each act are 3 scenes so you could also insert the lesson between some of the scenes. I’ll send you a sample of what the script looks like and you can see what I am talking about.

  • Hello! I am interest in reading a sample of the gin joint, our school theatre program may be interested in doing a performance of it. Thanks!

  • Our amateur drama group are hoping to stage our first ever murder mystery night as a fund raiser and would love a sample script for Gin Joint if that’s possible please?

  • Hi may I please see a sample of this script?

    My murder mystery troope is looking for a play and I am interested in this. Thank you!

      • Is this script still available for perusal?
        Our students might match well with this show for a performance event.

        • Hi Sherry – Yes for sure it is available in an abridged form; enough to let you know how it all works. I’ll get that right out to you.

  • Hi

    We are an Amateur Theatrical group who have been asked to put on a Murder Mystery Evening to raise funds for our Town Mayor Charitable Foundation.

    GIN JOINT is of particular interest. Would you kindly send Sample Information.

    Thanks and regards

    Ian Wood

    • You bet! I’ll send some info on Easy Money too. That one is designed specifically as a fundraiser and includes a silent auction. Your theatre company looks awesome.

  • We are looking for a speakeasy themed script. Could Gin Joint be modified to a speakeasy?, Either way, could I get a sample of Gin Joint as it sounds like something we would love to do (sooner, or later).

    • Hi Richard – it might be tricky to turn Gin Joint into a speakeasy as it is loosely based on the movie Casablanca in French Morocco – but not impossible. Bars are bars and war is war so you can pretty much transpose the plot to anytime, anywhere with a bit of creativity. Sample headed your way. Would love to hear what you think.

  • Hi JRV
    We did Dying For Chocolate last year and would like to read a sample of Gin Joint and Drop Dead Disco.
    Everyone enjoyed Dying For Chocolate and it was a hit with our audience.

  • hi there,
    our group is looking to do a series, is it possible to send sample scripts from Gin Joint, Easy Money, Drop Dead Disco and Dying for Chocolate?
    thanks so much. looks fun

  • Dear JRV,

    Our drama society are interested in running a Murder Mystery evening. Could you possibly send me a sample script for Gin Joint please?
    We are UK based. Does that make any difference?

    Many thanks

    Diane Mayall

    • Being in the UK doesn’t make one bit of difference. Wish I was there. I LOVE the UK. Script sample is on its way.

  • I am charged with the task of finding something “different” for this year’s Christmas party on Dec 9, and was hopping to stage a murder mystery. We are a non profit community organization

    Are your scripts hard scripts or improved scenarios? Is it possible to get a perusal copy? I am interested in either this script and/or death by chocolate

    • The scripts are written so that they can be used either way. There are some lines of dialogue that actors can memorize if they are so inclined or they can be used as a springboard into improv. In my opinion improv is the most fun and works best at interactive parties. Each scene also has instructions about which information is important to get out during that scene.

      Example: Jane accused Dick of becoming a snitch so that he could get out of jail early. Dick tells Jane to mind her own business or he will tell her husband how she really earns her money. And like that.

      I’m going to call you so we can talk. It’s the best way to answer any and all of the questions you might have. Our scripts come with online support right up to your productions.

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