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CSI parties in a PDF

Everything you need to run the game:
PLUS send your kids to SPY SCHOOL

  • Crime Scene
  • Clues
  • Gumshoe Casebooks
  • Easy to follow set up & playing instructions
  • Written with 8-year-olds in mind.
    Enjoyed by 5-year-olds to dad-years-old

Start the detective adventure going to SPY SCHOOL

Make the event last as long as you like with lots of skill building add-ons.

  • Practice target shooting by throwing balls in a garbage can or catapulting them with a home build trebuche.
  • Crack codes or write your own for others to crack.
  • Play the memory game by dressing up dolls in a disguise and then removing an item or two and see if the spies in training can spot the difference.
  • Give them a Spy School Graduation Certificate complete with their own secret agent name. Add fingerprints and let the crime solving begin!
  • Learn about SPY SCHOOL

The Gumshoe Detective Agency

Check out our FREE Detective/Spy Party Games for Kids page too.


Hobo Heist Kids Mystery PartyFossil Furor Kids Mystery PartyCastaway Critters Kids Mystery Party

Clue Hunt
Crime Scene Mystery Game tn





Unlock Some Fun

CSI Unlocked

Kids Mystery Party games, whether searching for dynamite at Henrietta Junction, following a dinosaur footprint fossil at the Mudstone Museum, or tracking down a stolen treasure to save the critters on Cougar Island, kids will be completely engaged and enjoy a fun filled time.

Each Gumshoe Detective Party comes complete with a four-part crime scene, riddled with clues, in hard copy. You have everything you need to play the game.   We also include instructions for setting up a crime scene area or table top tableau if you wish to create an actual crime scene or a mini crime scene for investigation. All of the crimes in the Gumshoe Detective Agency Parties are based on something being stolen.

Everything You Need!

Gumshoe Detective Agency

The Gumshoe Detective Agency games for kids are adventure parties in a PDF. You get everything you need to run the game – Crime Scene, Clues, Gumshoe Casebooks, and easy to follow instructions. Each Party even includes a fun and educational facts page – we believe in learning while you play!

Two Games In One

CS Investigators

Each Gumshoe Detective Agency PDF is two fun party games in one – a Whodunnit to catch the bad guy, and a Clue Hunt to find the missing loot. In part one,  Junior Sleuths, armed with their wits and the Gumshoe Detective Handbook, will match the evidence to the culprit with simple crime scene investigation techniques, hunt for clues, track down suspects and solve a mystery! In part two, your gumshoes puzzle out a series of clues to find the missing treasure.

Start the game at Gumshoe Headquarters, give them their Detective Casebooks, and stand back! Once it is set up the game runs itself. Don’t be surprised if things get quiet – that’s the sound of active, engaged minds at work.

 The Most Flexible Party On The Net

Gumshoe Detective Agency parties are excellent and a ton of fun just as they are.  Play them as printed, with our ready-to-go Crime Scene and Clues, adding only the loot and props that you need. Follow our Dress It Up suggestions and make your own evidence and add some decor. Or go all-out with props and decor for a themed party they’ll never forget!

Gumshoe SpyDress It Up

Bullet Balloons 2

Turn Castaway Critters into a ‘stuffie’ party by having your young guests bring along their favorite stuffed animal to the adventure. Their pets can be the ones which must be saved or they can help rescue others by finding the stolen treasure! If it’s summer, put up a plastic wading pool in the back yard and finish up with a pool party or water balloon dodge ball.

Bullet Balloons 2

Turn Hobo Heist into a sleep over by having your guests bring their overnight items in a hobo bindle and their sleeping bags to camp-out in a hobo jungle. Begin the party by making hobo bread in a can and cook it in your oven while the kids track down clues! It will be butter melting hot and yummy by the time they find the stolen dynamite! Make the snack complete with Hobo Apples – an apple with the core removed and filled with peanut butter.

Bullet Balloons 2

 Turn Fossil Furor guests into amateur paleontologists by hiding tiny toy dinosaurs around the home and/or yard for the sleuths to discover after they have found the stolen fossil.   You could also hide heat resistant items baked in a mix of flour, salt, water and coffee grinds (for the colour and texture) so that the kids will need to bust them open to discover their own fossil inside.

Bullet Balloons 2

Replace some of our paper clues with the actual items: pictures of candy with real candy (make sure no one eats the evidence before the mystery is solved), pictures of coins with real coins, pictures of keys with real keys and like that.

Bullet Balloons 2

Create hideouts and a crime scene. We give you pictures to use but you can dress them up by making them part of a diorama or staged area. Turn a corner into the Gumshoe Detective Agency and place the crime scene picture there. Let the kids or birthday child build forts out of cushions and blankets to place some or all of the suspect clues in.

Bullet Balloons 2

Dress up dolls to represent the suspects – or get willing adults to play the roles.  They can sit in their hideouts and give silly answers to all the questions they are asked. The clues are all pictures or items and that’s what the mini detectives need to crack the case so it doesn’t really matter what the characters say.

Bullet Balloons 2

Decor can be added on each of the themes. For Castaway Critters a sandy beach with palm trees, exotic birds and pirate paraphernalia will set the mood. For Hobo Heist you can add all kinds of train and railroad related pictures and items and/or a hobo jungle with make-shift tents or lean-toos and a campfire. For Fossil Furor you can go with cave man and dinosaur decor or the inside of a museum with lots of cool exhibits, microscopes, etc.

Bullet Balloons 2

If you are really gung-ho, play themed sound effects in the background. Wild bird and animal calls for Castaway, train whistles and rumbles for Hobo and dinosaurs stomping through the bushes and assorted squawks and shrieks for Fossil.

Bullet Balloons 2

REMEMBER . . .  the more fun you put into it, the more fun your gang will get out of it! Enjoy playing the party host to an awesome event!

Need Help? No Problem!

We’ve run these games countless times, and there is no question we can’t answer. Just email us at jrv(at) and we’ll help you along. Your Gumshoe Mystery Party purchase includes unlimited email support and enthusiasm. We think the grown-ups should have at least as much fun as the kids! Making your child’s party into an unforgettable childhood memory is one of our fondest wishes.

Party On!

Pick up your Gumshoe Detective Agency party today:
Fossil Furor Kids Mystery PartyHobo Heist Kids Mystery PartyCastaway Critters Kids Mystery Party

Clue Hunt
Crime Scene Mystery Game tn

Do-It- Yourself Packages:

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  • We did Hobo Heist for my son’s 8th birthday party last weekend. There were only 4 kids, but they had a great time. I put together the whole party in about 48 hours, and with the detailed party specs, everything worked really well. It took them about 1 hour to do the whole thing, but I didn’t make the hideouts or clues very extravagant. Pretty bare bones, but they had fun!

  • Thank you so much for talking to me on the phone. I can’t wait to plan a mystery event for my school! Your mysteries and ideas should make for a wonderful night for my students.

  • Hello
    How many children does this sort of party work for? My daughter will be 7 and has about 20 kids on her list. Will this work for that number?

    • Yes, it can work for any number of children. It just means you run off more casebooks for them to use. You can also partner them up if you wish. For that number of children it might be fun to get four teenagers or adults to dress up like the suspects. They won’t have to learn any scripts or anything because all the clues are on paper (or you can replace them with the actual items). Either way the costumed characters would give them someone to talk to and question and it doesn’t matter what they say or even if they say the same thing to everyone. Suspects are not known for their honesty. Let me know if you have more questions.

  • HELP! My daughter, who will be 8, wants a mystery/detective party and I’m clueless! I have 3 weeks to get this together!

    • Well we have an abundance of clues so no problem there! Any of our three Gumshoe Detective Agency mysteries would be an excellent choice for an 8 year old. You also have the option of putting a spy school together using the FREE Party Games listed above or purchasing Clue Hunt Buster that will easily explain how to create a fabulous mystery clue hunt – along the lines of a treasure hunt, but more mysterious. Let me know if you have any further questions, Lorri.

  • I am looking for a detective themed party that I can do with 6 year olds . My daughter loves anything mystery related, Famous Five, Scooby Doo so I am trying to come up with something that will keep them active and still incorporate the theme. We will probably use the big open basketball court at our gym….thanks

    • Hi Julia
      Any of our three Gumshoe Detective Agency mysteries would work well with six year old. You could read them the ‘police report’ etc and then it is just a matter of matching up the clues at the crime scene with the suspects – and no reading is required for that part so you could just turn them loose! All the suspects are identified with pictures as well as names.

      With a whole gymnasium at your disposal you could set up suspect hideouts and a crime scene rather than using the pictures only. One group blue up the crime scene photos into 6′ x 6′ banners. I have no idea how they did that but you could also just make tableaus and substitute the pictures of clues (candy, coins, etc) with the actual items for them to find and record in their Detective Casebooks.

      Another option would be to supplement the crime scene investigation with activities from our FREE kids party games and call it spy school. You could even base the whole party on the spy school.

      How’s that? Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  • hi
    I am looking for a detective themed treasure hunt game for 10-12 year olds. would you have any ? how much would they cost? I’d like the printable version which can be conducted in our apartment complex.

    • Hi Avni
      CLUE HUNT BUSTER is just what you are looking for. It tells you how to create a mystery hunt, including how to make the clues, that will work in your specific place for your particular age group.

      To give it a detective theme, have the players come dressed as detectives, spies or superheros and turn them loose in search for the missing valuables. You can arm them with magnifying glasses for those really small clues. Since you are creating the game you can make the clues as easy or difficult as you like. The length of the hunt will depend on the number of clues and how long it takes your sleuths to solve them.

      There is no ready-to-go game since every venue and group is different. Only you know the best hiding places and the aptitude of your gang. Check out and let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

  • Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for your interest in Mystery Factory!

    I can sell you the older version anytime. It will be the same mystery but I’ve realized that the instructions are really convoluted so I am tightening up the format and making it easier to set up. All of our mysteries come with on-line support so if you have any questions I can help you out. The newer version will probably be a month away.

    At Your Service

  • The story always unfolds the same although it is possible to juggle the clues for a different ending. That would be only if you were using ‘real’ props and not the detective handbook included with the game. Email me your phone number if you want to know specifics and I’ll give you a call.

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