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Castaway Critters On Cougar Island will have your youngsters scrambling to save a shipwrecked boatload of adorable pets.

A dastardly villain has stolen the treasure that is desperately needed to pay for the pets’ passage to safety. 

The kids must find the culprit and then hunt for the treasure to save the critters. It’s an adventure party in a PDF, with all the instructions and printable clues you’ll need and plenty of ways to dress it up.

The Story

Captain Broadshoulders

It was a dark and stormy night. Thunder boomed and lightning crackled through the black night while a fierce wind hurled the SS Swashbuckler over the ocean. One minute the boat was teetering on top of a mountainous wave and the next second it crashed down into the foaming, churning waters below. Soon the Swashbuckler was smashed to bits on the coral reef surrounding Cougar Island.

Four passengers and their pets were washed ashore along with a few broken-up pieces of the Swashbuckler. Brave Captain Broadshoulders caught hold of the ship’s treasure chest and fought the storm as he swam to shore, pulling the treasure chest with him.

For three months the castaways survived, guarding their pets from the cougars on the island. They built huts and tree houses from bamboo and reeds, with stakes to keep the cougars out. They ate sugar cane, coconuts, pineapples and other fruit that grew wild on the island. They went swimming in the tropical waters. Then one day they spotted a ship! Its captain would gladly take the stranded people, but he refused to take their pets unless he was well paid for it.

Filled with excitement, Broadshoulders ran to his secret cave. He could pay for the pets! The ship’s treasure chest contained valuable items that he could exchange for the critters’ safe passage home. Flinging open the lid he looked down upon… EMPTINESS! The treasure was stolen!

Which one of the other four castaways stole the treasure? Was it Princess Moon Pearl? One-Eye Cutlass the Pirate? Rita Rascal the Zoologist? Or Wild Weston the Cowboy? Where did the villain hide it? Will their pets be left to the mercy of the cougars? Time is running out!

Clue Hunt Mystery

Castaway Critters is two fun Gumshoe Detective Agency party games in one:

  • a Whodunnit, where your Gumshoes examine the Crime Scene for evidence and record it in their Casebooks. The evidence could be fingerprints, or candy wrappers, or anything else that does not belong at the scene of the crime. The thief is the only person who has left all four clues at the Crime Scene.
  • a Clue Hunt to find where the missing plunder has been hidden. Your Gumshoes get to chase down a series of puzzles to find the treasure.

Read your Gumshoes the Scenario, give them their Detective Handbooks, and stand back! Once it is set up the game runs itself. Don’t be surprised if things get quiet – that’s the sound of active, engaged minds at work.

Print And Play – A Party In A PDF

Your instant download gives you all the tools and evidence you’ll need, plus detailed instructions on how it all goes together. Add some easily-found items and the party is ready.
Like any good party, it takes a bit of preparation. Give yourself a day to set it all up. Follow our Dress It Up suggestions to add even more to the decor. Or build your Gumshoes a tropical beach! There’s no limit to the fun you can have.

  • Turn Castaway Critters into a ‘stuffie’ party by having your young guests bring along their favorite stuffed animal to the adventure. Their pets can be the ones which must be saved, or they can help rescue others by finding the stolen treasure!
  • If it’s summer, put up a plastic wading pool in the back yard and finish up with a pool party or water balloon dodge ball.
  • Use plastic buckets for loot bags, or put treats in a bottle a la ‘message in a bottle.’

Questions? All our parties come with free email support.
Check out the Gumshoe Detective Agency FAQ for more information.

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