Dying for Chocolate Mystery Script

Our chocolate murder mystery script, Dying For Chocolate, is a mouth-watering event filled with romance gone wrong, a carob cowboy and a secret ingredient; all wrapped in chocolate. Requires 3 male and 3 female professional improv actors or eager amateurs, some props and minimal rehearsal time. Director notes tell you how to pull it all together. They are best performed as an improv script, with the dialogue being as a springboard into improvisation, but can also be used as a traditional scripts by memorizing the simple lines. Email us for a sample package.

Dying For Chocolate

            Celebrated Chocolatier and Owner of Cherish Chocolates,  Coco Carmel, is looking for lovers. To Die For, her new line of confections, being introduced, for the first time, tonight,  needs branding. Coco is searching for the New Face of Romance: the wildness of Tarzan, the exoticness of Cleopatra, or the mystery of Mati Hari – whatever sells.  Cold, hard cash is Coco’s bottom line. With carob candy starting to take a market share, it’s time to eliminate the competition.

            Roy Bean, the Carob Cowboy, sells soy and carob products.  Cold, hard cash is his bottom line too and he’s planning on making a mint with his company Carob Confections. Roy wants to infiltrate Coco’s organization to steal her secret ingredient for his ‘healthy’ candy. When not pushing the virtues of carob, Roy battles with the ‘demon chocolate’ that once destroyed his life.

            Crème Carmel, Coco’s cousin and business partner, thinks soy  and Roy suck. Crème wants Roy gone. She wants some changes made at Cherish Chocolates and they don’t include the cheap imitations. Blood is thicker than carob butter. 

            Chip Ripple, quality control expert at Cherish Chocolates.  He would like to own the company. Chip sees Roy as just another inferior element to be eliminated from the mix. Chip wants Roy gone. Let chocolate be chocolate.

            Roxanne the Rapper, aka The Chocolate Wrapper, wants revenge. Roy was hers until he gave her an ultimatum, which she refused. Then Roy decided to chase after Coco and her secret ingredient and Roxanne decided she wants Roy gone. One good rap deserves another. 

            Dr. Damien Hoover, when golfing, wants Coco back in his future. He also wants to keep his past in his past.  Roy is a threat to both.  Doc wants Roy gone. Dead men tell no tales.

            Gunther Legume, Roy’s bitter sweet brother and owner of The Family Jewels; Gem Importers & Emporium. Mom always liked Roy best. Has sibling rivalry erupted between the Bean boys?

            Secret ingredients and suggestive liaisons swing the characters into a sugary smuggling operation. If you’ve ever loved anything, come join the fun as this motley group melts down. Dress like a lover, practice your pick-up lines, and polish up your come-hither looks. and who knows what you might win. It will be a mouth-watering evening to die for!

This download is everything you need to conduct a full murder mystery event: the Scenario, detailed notes and directions for every scene, suggested dialog to grease your actors’ improv wheels, and plenty of Director’s Notes from our 25-plus years of conducting professional murder mysteries.

Perfect for theater troupes looking for new shows, vacation resorts upscaling their offerings, or restaurants aiming to rule dinnertime, these scripts can be utilized by seasoned professionals or eager amateurs alike. All you really need is a Director with a good sense of timing, six actors who like to ham it up and a few easy to find props.

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