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Murder Mystery Scripts for Fun and Profit

PrestoMurder Mystery Scripts – Killer Entertainment!

With our murder mystery scripts, knocking them dead has never been easier. Want an unforgettable event of laughter and outrageous fun? Look no further. Our interactive mystery scripts to go are proven crowd-pleasers, extensively battle-tested, and – sorry – bulletproof. Unless you’re the dead guy. Then, not so much.

If you are:

  • an event planner planning a corporate event
  • resort hosting an extra-special weekend
  • a restaurant wanting a dinner theater experience
  • an eager volunteer sourcing a fundraiser
  • or a professional acting troupe looking for the next hot script

We have the right script for you.

Our murder mystery scripts work equally well with professionals and/or eager amateurs.

Best performed as an improv script, with the dialogue being as a springboard into improvisation, however our scripts can also be used as a traditional scripts by memorizing the simple lines.  Our mysteries are easy, fun filled, engaging, and hilarious.

Give them something that’s entertaining AND you can solve it from the clues available.
FAIRPLAY MYSTERIES – funny, fast paced and logical.

What You GetKiller Scripts

Each Murder Mystery Script gives you:

  • The script – a side-splitting scenario and colourful, over-the-top characters.
  • Director’s Notes for running rehearsals and stage managing the event.
  • How to liaison with the venue.
  • All the hard-copy evidence you will need to ‘lock em up’
  • Props list – easy to find items such as a toothbrush.
  • Costume suggestions
  • Solution Sheet master

All of our mysteries are Fair Play – there’s an actual mystery, with all the clues and evidence your audience needs to come up with the solution.

You get the benefit of 25-odd years (very odd) of live mystery performances. You get unlimited online support.

OverkillWhat You Need

Each script requires:

  • One Director, a good organizer
  • Six Actors – three male and three female, no experience necessary; outgoing personality and sense of humour a must.
  • Basic, easy-to-find props.
  • A printer to run off the scripts and clues.
  • Costumes or accessories to accent the theme.
  • Decor if you wish.
  • Time for three approximately 3 hour rehearsals before the show –  plus the performance.
  • A sense of humour and a desire to have fun!

What You’ll Receive

Accolades. Applause. Laughs. Raves. Tons of people asking when you’ll be doing it again.

The Scripts – Check Them Out

Gin Joint Murder Mystery Script Drop Dead Disco Murder Mystery Script           Dying for Chocolate Mystery Script

















  1. I am looking for scripted not improv. Are any of these scripted? If so please send me the Disco and Chocolate shows.
    Thank you

    1. Well … they are improv with a few scripted lines to get things started. I’ll send you one of the samples and you can see what you think. Probably not what you are looking for but check it out.

    1. Hi Robin – I’ll get those right out to you. However … End Game? … sounds intriguing but my third mystery is called Gin Joint. Expect 3 emails. Once for each script sample. They are too large of files to combine.

  2. Hi I am interested in gin joint , do you have a perusal script for emailing?

  3. Hi there! We’ve started doing mystery dinners to raise money for our community theater. I’m interested in all three and would like samples.
    Thank you.

  4. JRV,

    I am interested in Drop Dead Disco and Dying for Chocolate. Could I receive script samples? Thank you in advance

      1. They came back as undeliverable …oh wait … hahaha mystery solved … maybe. Please confirm if you get them or not. Thanks.

  5. Good afternoon,

    My wife and I own The Tilted Teacup Tea Room and would like to get information on a suitable murder mystery length that we would be able to incorporate for our tea room. It’s in a house that was built in 1914 and we would have to have 3 separate areas to perform. Our usual event lasts about 1hr and 15 min. So any advice would be appreciated.

    John Gans

  6. intrested in M-scripts. 4-5 actors-some comedy-familey friendly-1 to 1.25 hr.-audience participation-themed for group gathering-meal served during the show. Carl 910-3431611 office— – 910-520-3730 cell

    1. I’ll call you. We have script samples available so you can see what you’re getting before you purchase anything AND all our mysteries come with online support.

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