Fun, Flexible & Forgiving

Interactive Improv Scripts

All the information needed to be revealed in each scene is clearly laid out.

For actors:

  • No tedious memorizing of lines
  • 3 or 4 rehearsals & time to learn your character.
  • Guidelines given for each scene; make a cheat sheet to carry in you pocket & check as needed.
  • Actors can be family-friendly or risque—your choice. Some dialogue is provided, but the spontaneous interactions create an exciting, unpredictable atmosphere.  This high-energy format leaves audiences wanting more.

What You Get

  • The script – a side-splitting scenario and colourful, over-the-top characters.
  • Director’s Notes for running rehearsals and stage managing the event.
  • How to liaison with the venue.
  • All the hard-copy evidence you will need to ‘lock em up’
  • Props list – easy to find items such as a toothbrush.
  • Costume suggestions
  • Solution Sheet master

What You Need

  • One Director, a good organizer
  • Four to Six Actors – no experience necessary; outgoing personality and sense of humour a must.
  • Basic, easy-to-find props.
  • A printer to run off the scripts and clues.
  • Costumes or accessories to accent the theme.
  • Decor if you wish.
  • Time for three approximately 3 hour rehearsals before the show –  plus the performance.
  • A love of laughter and a desire to have fun!


  1. Hello! We need a fun audience participation murder mystery for a one night fundraiser in a few weeks. I was going to write one but would really prefer to buy one of yours! We are a non profit and the Gin joint seems like it might be a good fit. Please let me know what you think. Thank you!

  2. Connie Norman

    I am looking to receive a sample script for The Butler Did It and Dying for Chocolate. We are hoping to put this on in just a couple weeks so time is of the
    essence. Thank you.

    • Hi Connie, in response to your email: The rest of the scripts would all take a similar amount of time and set up as Dying For Chocolate.
      Or we could work together and do a custom one for you based on your own requirements. Mysteries are infinitely flexible and they are easy to put in a format that works for each unique situation. For 4 actors and 40 guests it should be easy as long as you don’t expect lines of dialogue to be read or memorized and like that. The scripts are improv scripts, which means the actors will know what kind of information that they need to get out and then in 3 or 4 rehearsals they practise talking about that. Ex: Joe gets out of jail early and Mike accuses him of cutting a deal with the cops. Joe denies it. Mike says Sam the Slug got picked up and Joe probably turned him in. Joe denies it. Mike tells Joe he is living with Joe’s wife. They argue and threaten each other. Like that.

  3. Christine B

    Thank you so much! It’s been a pleasure working with you! You have been a charm to work with! My small drama club is excited to bring Shootout Salon to the stage!
    All of the evidence pages are great! This is so much easier than designing our own!

  4. Maureen Fox

    We are interested in performing either dying for chocolate or shootout. We are a synagogue that is putting this on for the cost of the food served. Would it be possible to get a sample of both scripts as soon as possible? We need to make an immediate decision
    Thank you

    • Hi Maureen – I’ll send out the Dying for Chocolate. The Shootout Saloon is not quite ready to go yet. I could have it ready in a couple of weeks but it sounds like that might be too far out for you.

      • Is The Shootout ready yet for purchase?
        allenz_mail at yahoo

        • Hi Allen! I have let The Shootout Saloon get pushed to the back burner but since you asked … it is way past time to get it out there. I still need to make the clues and a couple of very short audio clips and I am committed to having that done by next Monday. I hope that is not too late for you! Merry Christmas and etc.

  5. Interested in cost for scripts

    Thank you

  6. Linda Hauser

    We are a small town theater group and just performed “CLUE” with great success. We’d like to use our characters for a fund raiser murder mystery dinner of about 50-75 guests. “The Butler did It” looks like a good fit. Could you please send a sample so I can see if it would work for us.
    Thank you

    • Hi Linda – The Butler Did It wouldn’t really work for a fundraiser. It is written for a house party for 14 – 20 people and there is no mystery to solve. It’s more of a peek into the relationship between The Butler and The Maid and brings a lot of hi-jinks to a private dinner party. Our fundraiser, Easy Money, would probably work out great for you. I’ll send you info for that.

  7. Could I please get a copy of the sample script for Easy Money? We are a non profit organization trying to raise money for our student’s bus. Thanks!

  8. Dannielle Powers

    Hello, I am looking at putting on a murder mystery dinner for a fundraiser in Mexico. I am looking for one specifically that has a murder at a restaurant theme. Do you have one to recommend?

    • Hi Dannielle – we don’t have any specifically restaurant themed mysteries but most of them are performed in restaurants or a venue that combines food service, such as hotel ballrooms. Dying for Chocolate might be the closest to what you are looking for. The theme is chocolate, tho, and the characters all work in a chocolate company. They are having an event to find the ‘new faces’ for their company and so people are told to come dressed as famous lovers; Anthony & Cleopatra, Romeo & Juliette and like that. I will send you a sample of the scripts.

  9. Brian Cooper

    Hi, I volunteer at a high school and we’re looking to put on a murder mystery dinner. Which of course will also be a fund raiser for tuition assistance. Do you happen to have any scripts that take place during the roaring 20’s? If so, could you please send us a sample script? Thanks in advance, Brian

    • Hi Brian – unfortunately no script, at the moment, for the Roaring 20s. I will send you a sample of Dying For Chocolate; probably the easiest one to adapt to a different setting. Just place the action in a Speakeasy. You could sell chocolates at the function, in the Speakeasy, to help with fundraising. Let me know if you have any questions.

  10. Bridget Collins

    Looking for a script for a community theatre of approx 12 actors

    • Hi Bridget – the scripts DROP DEAD DISCO, DYING FOR CHOCOLATE & GIN JOINT are all written for 6 actors. You could extend the cast by pairing secondary characters with each of the main characters. These are improv scripts so it’s getting the same information out, during the correct scenes, that the mystery is based on. Secondary actors could follow to lead of their primary character or they could write their own lines. Either way, when doing live interactive theatre, it is a satisfying performance when the actors talk directly to people in the audience. Let me know if you have any further questions. I’d be happy to chat with you. Did you want to see a sample of any particular script?

  11. Donna Ewing

    Do you have scripts of murder mystery that could be used for 35 to 40 peoples? I’m the President of the Olympia
    Eagles Auxiliary looking for new fundraiser ideas to raise funds for charity.

    Donna Ewing

  12. Teresa Matlock

    I am looking at Easy Money as a fundraiser for my non profit organization missionary trip. Would it be possible to get a sample of this script?

    Thank you,

  13. Linda Sigismondi

    I am part of a community theater group that is looking to do a murder myster. I am looking for scripts for a small group of 6 or at most 8 actors. Dying for ChocolateGin Joint, and The Butler Did It sound interesting. Would you please send samples for preview?

    • Thanks for your interest in my scripts! Dying for Chocolate is for 6 actors and is a mystery for the audience to solve.
      The Butler Did It is for 2 – 4 actors and is better suited to a house party. There is no mystery to be solved, since we all know that the butler did it, but there is a lot of outrageous, edgy fun to be had. The script samples are on their way. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  14. I am very interested in Death by Chocolate. I have held several mystery dinners in my home for friends. Could you please send me a sample of your play?

  15. Charles H. Harper

    I am interested in The Butler did It. Can I get a perusal script, and information about cawt size

    • Hi Charles – it’s not really a whodunnit type mystery; more like a sassy bit of theatre for a dinner party of 8 – 20 people. I’ll get that info right out to you.

  16. I would like some script samples that would be appropriate for a community fundraiser. Show should be family friendly. We occasionally do have children in attendance. It is a conservative community but enjoy comedy.

    • You bet Paula. I will get a sample/info from our fundraiser Easy Money. All of our scripts are ‘family friendly’ and can become more friendly or more risque, depending on the actors.
      The scripts themselves are improv scripts so there are a few lines of suggested dialogue to get the scene started and then the actors can take the scene in a direction that suits the audience.
      The important thing is that the required information is given out. Please let me know if you have further questions!

      • Thank you for your swift reply. When can I expect to get samples? We are wanting to move forward asap. We have a March performance date.

        • I sent the sample for Easy Money on Jan 3 @ 9:42am MST. If you did not get it, check your spam folder. Sometimes emails from businesses end up there. Which other scripts would you like to see samples of? I just resent it – Easy Money – as well.

          • I’ve checked all folders still nothing. I will give an alternate email.

          • Ok, great. I sent the other samples as well so you have five emails with fairly large attachments from me somewhere … it’s a mystery… bwhahaha. I’ve just sent the Easy Money Info to the new email address. Fingers crossed.

  17. We have a improv theater and we’re looking for a improv murder mystery – we are planning on a late night show so comedic and darker themes are on the table.
    Let me know if you have any suggestions . We would also want an element of audience participation if possible .

    • Hi Casey – Our themed mystery scripts can go in whatever direction you and the actors wish to take them; family friendly or edgy with a dark twist. The scripts are planned improv so the script provides you with information that needs to come out but how you present that information is up to the group performing the script. I’ll send you a script sample and you can see what I mean. There is some benign dialogue suggestions included, because most groups benefit from these suggestions to get the ball rolling. An improv theatre group will have no problem twisting the info in the direction you want it to go. Let me know if you have any further questions.

    • I am chairperson for our local community hall. Years back we did a murder mystery dinner. It was a great fundraiser. Could you please send me information on your one that you suggested for fundraising. Thank you, Pebbles Lewis / Anza Community Building, Inc, Anza, CA. 92539

      • I do remember your group. It’s vague but it rings a bell. I’ll send you a sample from Easy Money, our main fundraising script. Let me know if you have questions.

  18. Looking for a script for a women’s event next Christmas.

  19. Foothills Playhouse is a non-profit, community theatre in Easley, SC. We are looking at branching out to provide some short, mystery shows that we can take to local Nursing Homes and Retirement Centers. Several facilities bring residents to our shows at the playhouse … but they have some residents who are not able to get out of the facilities. Can you send me some perusals of your scripts? Thank you!

  20. Thanks for checking out my scripts! I think either one would work for high school students. Since they are ‘improv’ scripts, the language used is up to the teacher and the actors.
    As you will see, each script details what information needs to be revealed in each scene. There is some sample dialogue to kick things off and you can use it or not. Nothing racey though.
    I’ll send you both script samples in separate emails. Let me know if you have any questions!

  21. Hello there,

    I am a programs manager at a historic mansion. We are looking to do a murder mystery in November. Where guests go around the estate, meet the cast of suspects first, then are free to wander back around and interview the suspects to find out what ad lib information they know. We just want it to be focused on the murder of an inventor who was about to show his latest invention at the mansion when he is killed. Circa 1910. Do you think you could help us start our writing for this? Do you have an estimate of cost for your services?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Teresa – I can absolutely help! It’s one of my favorite things to do. My rates is $50 an hour and we get a lot done in an hour! The final cost depends a lot on how much work you do and how much work I do. Together we can come up with a plot and I will make sure that you know all the information you need for the characters’ relationships to each other and what you need to have in the way of clues to reveal the motive, method and opportunity that points to the killer … while pointing to other suspects along the way. Plus together we will figure out what the actors need to talk about when.

      Mysteries are a super form of entertainment. They are really flexible in how they can be presented plus no one knows if an actor makes a mistake or reveals clues out of order… and they are so much fun. Let me know if you want to talk first and decide if this will work for you. The clock doesn’t start until you have made a decision to proceed. It’s always good to get your questions answered first.

      I doubt it will take more than 4 hours to get the mystery plot, actors info and clues required down – probably 2.5 or 3 – if you are doing the writing up and clue creation. I will make diagrams for you to work from and send them to you at the end of each session.

  22. Hello –

    Do you have a script for the rollin’ 20’s theme?


  23. Is it possible to get a perusal or sample of Dying for Chocolate and the Butler Did It?

  24. Hello,
    Can you please send a sample script of Dying for Chocolate and Easy Money?

  25. Bill Katz

    Please send me a sample script for Drop Dead Disco, Gin Joint and the Butler did it. We did one a couple years ago that most of it was narrated and the actors only adlibed some. The narrator directed the action and laid out the plots. I would like to see the samples of the three I requested. Please feel free to send something like I described if you have it. Thank you

    Bill Katz

    • Hi Bill. My scripts are a little different from a narrator directing the action but still largely adlib so that the actors don’t have a bunch of lines to memorize. They can carry a small cheat sheet (like a recipe card) in there pocket to remind them of the info that needs to be talked about during each scene. A director or someone who is in-charge of the props and whatnot can give the actors a two minute warning before the scene should start so that they have a chance to look over the card.You will see from the samples how they work. Please let me know if you have any questions. We can set up a call if you like (free to you). The script samples will come in separate emails.

  26. Cathy Ann Coates

    Looking for a script for approxitmatly 10 actors to do for Halloween for our senior mobile home community to put on during their regularly scheduled Pot Luck Dinner.

    • Hi Cathy – I have three scripts that require 6 actors and you could add 4 secondary characters by having them associated with 4 of the main characters. They wouldn’t be written into the scripts but they would be someone’s cousin or assistant or parole officer and like that. They would repeat/reinforce the same information as their main character. If something like that interests you, let me know and we can chat. How many people will be attending the pot luck?

  27. Hello, I am interested in Shootout for a dinner theater we will be doing in October. Do you know when it would be available?

  28. Lorraine Fisk

    I’m in search of a mystery dinner for an annual event we host for a group of maybe 35 to 40 people. We’ve discovered we have a handful of people with a real sense of humor. Can I have some insight to your Saloon script? It sounds like the perfect match for our group. Thanks

    • Hi Lorraine – how soon is your event? The Saloon Script still needs some polishing before it’s ready to go public. We should talk.

      • Sandra Mullenax

        I am interested in the Saloon script. I’m directing a show in a couple months but am ready to make character decisions. When do you thing your script will be ready?

  29. Hello, i am an event planner for a restaurant. We are planning to launch a murder mystery dinner theater experience perhaps once a month. Can you provide samples that you think would work well for new improv actors and a restaurant audience? How many of the aforementioned do you have? Enough for six months? Thanks

  30. I’m looking for a modern day script to use for a murder mystery at a guest house. Any options? If so please send script samples. Thanks

    • HI Sherry – Easy Money is probably the closest thing to a ‘modern’ mystery I have. It was written as a fund raiser but it doesn’t have to be. Part of the script is a silent auction. You don’t have to have a silent auction but there is an estate sale involved so you would have to come up with a couple of items to sell and then give the guests fake money to bid on them with. I’ll get a script sample right out to you.

      Other than that, our mysteries are all themed. Well, The Butler Did it , would probably suit your venue very well but it isn’t a mystery, per se, but more entertainment. I’ll send you the info on that too.

      Please let me know if you have any questions or just want to chat.

  31. Charlotte Keefe

    I would like to get information packet and sample script for Easy Money

  32. Cynthia Hart

    Hi there –
    Looking for a script for a fundraiser for VOS (Veterans Outreach Support) but also have a query about content – with your mysteries has the crime (death) occurred before the event commences or are one or two of the acting characters bumped off during the event ?

    • The crime occurs during the event. About one quarter of the way in. So everyone has a chance to see what a rotten person they are and no one feels about them getting bumped off.

  33. Hello, we are in urgent need of a script for 5 actors doing a speakeasy in May and can’t find any. This would be held at a restaurant to raise funds for a local soup kitchen. Do you have something like this. There would be about 45 guests in attendance and actors are all community theater actors, thanks!!

    • I am so sorry for not getting back to you sooner! My website should be sending comments to my email and I just got this one now … very embarrassing : (

      I do not have a speakeasy murder mystery but I do have a fundraiser; Easy Money, for five actors, which I will send information on. It shouldn’t take too long to get the show up and running, if you haven’t found anything else yet.

      It is an improv script so there are no lines of dialogue to be memorized per se and can easily be performed after two or three rehearsals.
      Actors do need to know what happens in each scene but often have little ‘cheat sheet’ cards in their pockets, so a quick glance can refresh their memory from the rehearsals.
      I have found that improv scripts also lend themselves more to audience interaction, which adds enjoyment and an element of the unexpected to the show : )

      Please let me know if you have any questions and once more my sincere apologies for taking so long to respond.

  34. Gary Severen

    hi. Interested in a script that might include auditioning for a musical.
    Anything like that come to mind? We usually do a spring musical, but would like to change it up. Everyone loves the singing, but having a tough time finding anything.

    • Thank you for your inquiry. To be clear, my mystery scripts include places for song to be inserted however they are not part of the mystery and permission to use any musical copyrighted material is not part of what I am selling. That said, there is space for approximately 5 songs in each script. I will send you a script sample for Drop Dead Disco and you can see on page 10 how it works; as well as how the rest of the script works. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  35. How long are the scripts? We are doing a banquet and need about 30 – 45 minutes of entertainment.

    • The actual performance time for the script is between 45 minutes and an hour plus … time varies depending on how much interaction with the audience is involved and if you add music or not. Our scripts are flexible since they are improv scripts and can be easily tightened up or extended. Does this help?

  36. Annemarie

    I am looking for scripted not improv. Are any of these scripted? If so please send me the Disco and Chocolate shows.
    Thank you

    • Well … they are improv with a few scripted lines to get things started. I’ll send you one of the samples and you can see what you think. Probably not what you are looking for but check it out.

  37. Peggy Gentry

    I am interested in the fundraising scrip..

    Thank you,
    Peggy Gentry

  38. Hi there – looking to read perusals of Chocolate and Disco. Also saw mentioned in a comment one called “End Game”? Could I get perusals of all 3?

    • Hi Robin – I’ll get those right out to you. However … End Game? … sounds intriguing but my third mystery is called Gin Joint. Expect 3 emails. Once for each script sample. They are too large of files to combine.

  39. james johnson

    Hi , I would like a copy of death by chocolate to read , could I get a perusal by email?

  40. james johnson

    Hi I am interested in gin joint , do you have a perusal script for emailing?

  41. Cristine Loffredo

    Hi there! We’ve started doing mystery dinners to raise money for our community theater. I’m interested in all three and would like samples.
    Thank you.

  42. Christian Sowers


    I am interested in Drop Dead Disco and Dying for Chocolate. Could I receive script samples? Thank you in advance

  43. can you please send me perusals for gin joint, disco and chocolate we are small non profit performing arts group

  44. Mark Medlin

    Hi, I’m considering running a local production of Drop Dead Disco. Could I see a sample of the script?

  45. Cindy Leonard

    Looking for ideas for a company event, 1-2 hours with meal, 100 employees .

  46. Good afternoon,

    My wife and I own The Tilted Teacup Tea Room and would like to get information on a suitable murder mystery length that we would be able to incorporate for our tea room. It’s in a house that was built in 1914 and we would have to have 3 separate areas to perform. Our usual event lasts about 1hr and 15 min. So any advice would be appreciated.

    John Gans

  47. intrested in M-scripts. 4-5 actors-some comedy-familey friendly-1 to 1.25 hr.-audience participation-themed for group gathering-meal served during the show. Carl 910-3431611 office— – 910-520-3730 cell

    • I’ll call you. We have script samples available so you can see what you’re getting before you purchase anything AND all our mysteries come with online support.

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