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DO-IT-YOURSELF: Clue Hunt Mystery Parties

Kids Mystery Parties
Easy for you
FUN for Kids !

Create Your Own Mystery Parties

Clue Hunt Buster* tells you everything you need to know to create and set up your own clue hunt mystery parties. Whatever the age and size of your group, Clue Hunt Buster can help you play a successful event in five easy steps.
1. Decide on the item(s) your hunters will find at the end of the hunt. What is it you are going to hide and where you are going to hide it.
2. Decide on the number of clues you will hide before the final prize is found.
3. Create the clues! Use the Clue Hunt Buster’s methods as suggested, or as inspiration for your own unique ideas.
4. Hide the clues.
5. Invite the gang over for a scrambling good time and turn them loose.

jugglingfrogvintageDO-IT-YOURSELF! Using the methods provided you can make up new Clue Hunt games whenever you wish. We include a clever new way to divide your group into partners or teams as well!

Over twenty different ways to create clues that will get the group minds spinning, hearts pumping and feet racing as they scramble to find the next puzzle which will lead them closer to the prize.

Token Ambush Token SecureIncludes a brand new team game: CLUE BATTLE BLUES that combines a Clue Coin Carnival, Rock-Paper-Scissors Battles and The Hanging Blues.
Ambush_Rock Paper Scissors

*An abridged version of Clue Hunt Buster is included in the Gumshoe Detective Agency mystery games as A Break in the Case!


Baden-Powel butterfly code

One of the most ingenious codes, hiding information in a drawing of a butterfly was the brain-child of real life spy, Lord Baden Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts movement. He travelled behind enemy lines, sneaking out information on the enemy’s secret military buildings as pictures of butterfly wings.








  • Looking to do a crime scene scavenger hunt for 11 to 13 year olds for a youth police academy. Will something like this work.

  • Hi,

    I’m hoping to have a mystery party for my daughter’s 12th birthday. She would love a 1920’s theme set in a florist! I’ve been looking for either a game where I can adapt the theme or an adult party I can tone down although these all seem murder based and I’d prefer non-murder. Do you think one of your do it yourself kits would work? I’d like to include activities and puzzles to solve and not so much of a script. I’m totally confused right now how to procede!



    • Hi Karen, One or both of the Do-It-Yourself Parties would easily work. Crime Scene Buster guides you along in picking your theme, crime (no it doesn’t have to be murder), and suspects. Once you have those it tells you how to create clues so that the mystery can be solved. You need to come up with a crime scene (mandatory) and hideouts (optional) for the suspects. The crime scene and hideouts can be anything from a picture to a table top diorama to a corner or a room representing where the crime took place. You don’t create a script but you do create a few pieces of evidence to get the mystery started; things like a police report or a letter from the victim or a newspaper article.

      Clue Hunt Buster is more of a scavenger hunt where the participants search for a missing item. This do-it-yourself party tells you how to make clues from puzzles, codes and many other things that need to be tracked down and followed to the missing object(s). Both of these parties work well together. This one doesn’t use a script either. Send me your phone number if you want to talk. Chatting back and forth is easier on the phone.

  • Hello!

    My girls turning 6 and 9 desperately want a joint birthday party based on their favorite book “UpsideDown Magic.” I need an activity that can engage active 5 and barely-9 year olds. I like the idea of setting a mystery in the Magic (really more like superpowers – talking to animals, turning into animals, flying, setting things on fire, turning invisible) School setting but don’t know how to set it up. Help, please?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Kristine – our Crime Scene Buster tells you exactly that. The theme can be Magic or Medieval or Cowboy or whatever you want it to be. You will always have clues left at the crime scene that need to be matched to the suspects. When is your party?

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