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MYSTERY CLUES: CLUE TRAIL From Whodunnit to Solution

CLUES: Use CLUE TRAIL and then Get the Plot Out of Your Head and Onto Paper!

If you have ever wondered about mystery clues:  what kind are needed and how to make or hide them, this book will tell you.


How to Create a Fairplay Mystery Plot or Party
Anatomy of a Mystery: Plot Elements
THE DIRT:  What Happens?
Decide on a Crime                                                                                            3
THE BONES:  Motive, Method & Opportunity                                      5
Motive:  Why Did It Happen?
Method:  How Did It Happen?
Opportunity:  When Did It Happen?
THE MUSCLES:  Cast of Characters                                                       19
Characters:  Victim, Suspects, Villain, Detective
THE TENDONS:  Connecting Muscles to Bones                                   30
Circle of Suspects Chart
Connections & Secrets Chart
Basic Plot Wheel
Compilation Chart
THE HEART:  What Actually Happened                                                 46
Extra:  Information about Plotting
THE MIND:  What Appeared to Happen                                               48
THE SOUL:  The Clue Trail                                                                         51

From Whodunnit to Solution
CLUE TRAILSWhat Kind to Use                                                            55
Positive Clue Trail:  Progressive Identification
Negative Clue Trail:  Progressive Elimination
CLUES:  Direct / Physical / Tangible Evidence                                     58
Written Evidence
Photographs & Videos
Manufactured Materials
Organic Materials
Trace Evidence
CLUES:  Indirect / Intellectual / Intangible Evidence                        61
Perpetrator Manipulates Circumstances
Assumption & Deception
Unrevealed Information
Revealed Information
Unexplainable / Out of Character
Explainable Behavior
Circumstantial Evidence
PLANTING Clues                                                                                         70
The Keystone Clue & The AH-HA Clue
TWISTING the CLUE TRAIL                                                                       74
Twisting Clues
Red Herrings:   False Clues
Twisting Characters
Twisting Circumstances
Detecting:  Looking at Clues from the Other Side
CREATING  Clues                                                                                         84
Motive Clues:  Why Did It Happen?
Method Clues:  How Did It Happen?
Opportunity Clues:  When Did It Happen?
BUILDING the STRUCTURE                                                                       86
The Complete List
Clue Chart:  Positive Clue Trail with Scenes
Live Parties & Locked Rooms
EASY MYSTERIES for Children                                                               107
Clue Chart:  Negative Clue Trail – Two Part Clues
MYSTERY Scripts, Parties & Events                                                      113
Types of Scripts
Cast Your Mystery
LOCKED ROOM Mysteries                                                                      119
DENOUEMENT                                                                                          123



READ CLUE TRAIL and find out how to stump your audience / reader and gain their respect and admiration.


and after you have read the book:

Dear Mystery Fans,
 Now that you know how it’s done I wish you luck in paying attention to that tingle in yourself that tells you what you just read or heard is worth paying attention to. Matching wits against the detective is one of the most engaging challenges there is, but one of the least satisfying ones to win. If you find you are constantly figuring out ‘whodunnit’ before you get to the end of the story, maybe it’s time to write your own.

 Dear Readers,
 This book has been a labour of love for me and I hope it gave you as much pleasure to read it as it gave me to write it.

At Your Service 

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