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DROP DEAD DISCO – A Disco Murder Mystery Script

Drop Dead Disco Murder Mystery Script

Our disco murder mystery script, Drop Dead Disco, is a funkadelic event with an OCD owner, a paranoid dancing queen and a blind disc jockey all hustling under the disco ball. Requires 3 male and 3 female professional improv actors or eager amateurs, some props and minimal rehearsal time. Director notes tell you how to pull it all together. They are best performed as an improv script, with the dialogue being as a springboard into improvisation, but can also be used as a traditional scripts by memorizing the simple lines. Email us for a sample package.

Drop Dead Disco

         Dust off your disco duds, poof up your pompadour and get ready to get down at the hottest spot this side of the seventies —  The Drop Dead Disco.

            Paulie, Esther & Cotton Blend are putting aside their personal differences and pulling out all the stops to put a glow on your mood ring and a song in your heart. The Blend Siblings have inherited a discotheque. From inception to completion, the only thing the three agreed on was the name:  DROP DEAD. Somehow the business is making money. Lots of money. And tonight they are hosting a huge Disco Dance Contest. But things aren’t as peachy as they seem.

            Paulie Blend is a neat freak extraordinaire, and his life is going from bad to worse. The DJ is blind, his girlfriend left him, the Doorman isn’t what he seems, the Mob is moving in, his siblings are slobs, the disco is dirty and he wants everything cleaned up.

              Esther Blend has a secret source of income, a secret skill and a secret relationship. She wishes her bothersome brothers, especially Paulie, would drop dead. 

             Cotton Blend hired the blind DJ and the suspicious Doorman. When not in jail, Cotton is working to turn the disco into a casino. He likes to gamble and wants to be the house because the house always wins.

            Donna O’Shea, Disco Dance Queen and Paulie’s angry ex-girlfriend. Donna will do anything to win the dance contest. She’s a paranoid walking arsenal and extremely moody.

             Johnny Fever, a mobster and a loan shark and proud of it; with a secret obsession for auctions. Johnny loves Elvis, hates disco and is frequently outbid by Paulie on Ebay.

            Stevie Awesome, blind DJ who wants to keep her job and is quick to yell discrimination if anyone interrupts her continuous play and suggests being blind is a handicap to scratching vinyl.

           Hugo Grommet, the doorman, is supposed to be hot for Esther but seems to have a little something going on with Donna. He’s very interested in people’s financial information.

Drop down to the Drop Dead Disco and enjoy this burning inferno of fun. Do a little dance, solve a disco mystery, get down tonight, get down tonight.

This download is everything you need to conduct a full murder mystery event: the Scenario, detailed notes and directions for every scene, suggested dialog to grease your actors’ improv wheels, and plenty of Director’s Notes from our 25-plus years of conducting professional murder mysteries.

Perfect for theater troupes looking for new shows, vacation resorts upscaling their offerings, or restaurants aiming to rule dinnertime, these scripts can be utilized by seasoned professionals or eager amateurs alike. All you really need is a Director with a good sense of timing,  six actors who like to ham it up and a few easy to find props.

Read more about how our scripts work here.

Customer Service is a priority for us here at Mystery Factory.  All of our scripts and parties come with online support. Just contact us if you have any questions about the mystery or need help adapting the scripts or instructions.  

Instant Download – Party On!

Your secure Paypal payment will bring you right to your Download page where the Drop Dead Disco PDF will be waiting for you. We’ll send you an email with the download link, too.

Your purchase is for one-time performance rights.

If you plan on multiple performances, simply repurchase the script from our website for each additional show to cover royalty charges. Thank you for your co-operation and honesty.


  • Hi, I am looking for a funny script for a themed dinner fundraiser.

    Minimal set requirements and we are willing to learn lines if necessary.

    This looks fun, however I am open to suggestions. Could I have a look at a sample script please?

    • Thank you for your interest in my scripts! I have sent you samples of two scripts: The Shootout Saloon and Drop Dead Disco.
      They are improv scripts so there is some suggested dialogue and humour and it also leaves room for the actors to put in as much funny stuff, and the right kind of funny stuff, for each individual audience. There is a wide range of things people find funny, or not. Please let me know if you have any questions after you have looked them over.

  • I’m a member of an amateur theatre group that regularly holds murder mystery dinners – can I get a sample of the script as we’re looking for something new and exciting to perform.
    Thank you

    • Hi,
      We are a nonprofit community theater looking for a murder mystery audience participation to be played during a three-course dinner and period entertainment between the courses or before.

      The audience should be around 65. A small cast with not very much dialogue to learn.
      Handouts for the audience and where the audience can interrogate the suspects.
      It is being performed in a small church dinning hall.

      • Hello Tawsha – Thanks for getting in touch with me. I think any of our scripts would work for you.
        The scripts are designed:
        • To be performed during the 30 minutes before meal service or buffet begins with nothing happening while people get their food and a chance to eat.
        • In a three act format which can be run consecutively or with a space between each act
        • As an interactive improv script there aren’t really any lines that need to be memorized but actors have to understand what information needs to be given out in each scene. They can have a cheat sheet of info in their pocket to check before their scene begins. Sample dialogue is included, and can be memorized if people want to, but it is not necessary.
        • Be performed for between 35 and 200 people
        I’m sending you samples of Dying for Chocolate and Easy Money. Easy Money has less actors and is designed as a fundraiser. I’m not sure if you are looking for that element or not.
        Please let me know if you have questions.

      • We are looking to do another Murder Mystery. We have done about 10 in the past, but stopped for Covid. Our last source has run out of scripts. I think Drop Dead Disco looks fun. Can I get a sample please?

        • Thanks for your interest in my scripts! Let me know if you have any questions after you’ve checked it out. I hope that you find my scripts as entertaining and easy to use as your last provider’s scripts obviously were.
          At Your Service, Juanita

  • Will you please email me samples of dying for chocolate and gin joint? I would like the residents at a local retirement community to play the parts and want to make sure it’s suitable before purchasing.

    • Thanks for asking for the script samples. These are improv scripts so there is some dialogue included to get the ball rolling and then the actors, whether amateur or professional, just continue the conversation. There isn’t a lot of memorizing to do and the characters can carry ‘cheat sheets’ in their pockets to remind themselves what information needs to be revealed. This makes it for a more stress free experience that scripts that require exacting dialogue. I will send them right out to you.

  • From: Theatre7
    We have purchased rights for two nights for Drop Dead Disco. For promoting purposes are we granted rights to use the graphics from the cover page of script or is it under a different copied right?

  • This is Cynthia from Theatre 7, Decatur, IL. We would like to do your Disco By Death in August this year. How much are the scripts each and rights for two performances of 100 attending. We are a not for profit Community Theatre. Thanks!

    • Hey Cynthia. The script is $65 and you just purchase it from the ‘Buy Now’ button on the website. Each purchase includes the royalties for one performance so if you go with a second night simply repurchase the script. Thank you for your interest! I am available as online support for any questions you have about the script and logistics. : )

  • Could we please email me a sample script. I am vice president of Theatre7 in Decatur, IL. We will be celebrating our 60th year of Community Theatre and would like to possibly include “Drop Dead Disco” as one of our fundraiser dinner theatre events.
    If you could email it to me as soon as possible, I would really appreciate it
    Thand you!

  • Hello, We are hosting a murder mystery for our church’s youth group spring formal in May. The theme is 70’s Disco. We have never done this before and have many people to coordinate with, so seeing a sample of the “Drop Dead Disco” script prior to purchasing would be very helpful.

    Thank you

    • Just sent out the sample you requested. Please let me know if you have any questions about the script or logistics after you have a chance to check it over. Thanks for your inquiry.

    • I’ll get that right out to you Lisa. If you run all the scenes one right after the other, it’s about 45 minutes. After Act 1, there is usually a 20 minute break when food is served or made available because people are only interested in eating. Then another 10 minutes or so between Acts 2 and 3. Another 10 minutes after the Solution Sheets are in while organizers read over the answers and pick winners for whatever you decide to give prizes for: most accurate with clues, funniest, most outrageous, etc.

      It also takes longer if the actors interact with the audience a lot and some audience members decide to play along. Lots of variables. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions : )

  • Please send me a sample of Drop Dead Disco. I am wanting to put on a Murder Mystery for our community. My daughter is in the high school theater. We are excited to see what this script has to offer.

  • I would like to request a perusal if the Disco script. Is that possible?
    Looking to do a show in November.

  • I would like a perusal of Disco and Chocolate. My community theatre wants to do a murder mystery dinner theatre at a local restaurant.
    Geralyn P.
    Thibodaux Playhouse
    Reading committee chairperson

    • Hi Gera

      Thanks for contacting me about my scripts! Here is the first same. The other will come in a separate email.
      Please let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to give you a call and answer any questions if you prefer that to email.
      In particular, please let me know what it is that decides for you if you want to purchase a script or how it doesn’t seem quite like what you are looking for.

      At Your Service,

  • I would like to request perusals for Drop Dead disco, Dying for Chocolate and Easy Money, please.

    Thank you

  • Can I get a sample script and more information on how this game would work as the host for 10 people playing (and 2 people working as hosts/extras?)


    • Hi Jenna
      Thanks for your enquiry! The scripts are designed for groups of 20 to 200 people and require 4 to 6 actors. Although it has been done as a house party for groups of 15 -20, it is tricky to maintain the mystery thread … if that’s important to you. I send you a sample of both Drop Dead Disco and The Butler Did It, which is more designed for smaller groups. Although there is nothing to solve it’s a super fun event.

    • Hi Yasmin – It would work great with 80 people. All of our scripts are improv scripts which means they can be as clean or risque as you want them to be.

      The script is divided into scenes and each scene details the information that needs to be given out (Hugo comments on Joe getting out of jail early – did he make a deal with the cops?) and some sample dialogue to get things started. After that it’s up to the director and actor how much audience participation they want to include and what words they use to get the info out. Please let me know if you have any further questions!

    • Thank you for your interest in our scripts! I am sending a sample of Drop Dead Disco. Please let me know if you have any questions!

  • Can I please get a sample of the script for disco? we have used a different format, but they don’t have the theme I want and I need to make sure it will accommodate us! we do them with an entire restaurant where one person at each table is a character so I want to see that this will work

    • Hi Marcy
      The script sample should be in your inbox as I type. It is for six actors. It is easy to add more secondary parts if you have more than six tables. If this script is of interest to you, let’s chat and I can tell you how to do that.

      • Thanks! Approximately how long does the play run? I understand there could be a range due to audience participation, but what is the approx. run time?

        • If the script ran as a straight performance and you included songs and solution sheets, then it would probably be just over an hour. If you add in 30 minutes for cocktails at the beginning when the cast is mingling, plus a meal, either buffet or plated or some version of food, then between 2 and 2 &1/2 hours.

  • We love your scripts at Echo Bluff State Park here in Missouri! We had a great turn out back in February with the Dying for Chocolate Script! We are ready to try it again! I would like to get the sample script for Drop Dead Disco please! We can’t wait to read it!

    • That is so great to hear Megan THANK YOU! My hugest apologies for taking so long to get the DISCO sample out to you and thanks for following up.

    • Yes, right away. Sorry for the delay, missed this comment on the 27th. Please let me know if you have any questions after you’ve looked over the sample.

  • Sample please! Our auditorium is under construction so we are looking for a fun dinner/murder mystery script we could perform in the cafeteria! Is this appropriate for high schoolers to perform? Thank you!

    • That sounds interesting. Hope you have a private space nearby for the ‘green room’ aka ‘place to hide the evidence and props’ for the bang-up ending!

    • I’ve sent out your sample script. If by expansion packs you mean more parts for more actors, there isn’t anything written in but it’s easy to give each character a supporting character and they basically reiterate the same information. One of the characters just got out of prison so other people could ad lib as his ‘cell mates’ and like that. If you are interested in this we could talk and I will explain further.

      Thanks for you interest in our scripts!

  • Hola
    i would like to get a sample of this MM script.
    before i got Dying for Chocolate,
    which was a success….!!

  • Hi I’d like to request a sample package of the Drop Dead Disco murder mystery. This is my first time participating in a murder mystery and this one seems to fit the theme for my party. I’ve never attended a murder mystery so I’m throwing my own and was told it’s best to purchase one.

    • Excellent choice! I will get that right out to you. Be sure and contact me if you have any questions once you’ve had a chance to look it over. Keep you eyes open for shag wigs and platform shoes : )

  • I would like to see a sample of Drop Dead Disco. It’s our annual murder mystery dinner for womens college lacrosse. 140 guest in attendance.

  • I have already requested Death by Chocolate! I would really like to peruse both Disco and Chocolate, as I am looking for something for a small group that is 40 minutes or less. Thanks

  • Would like a sample of the script. Plan on hosting it with a dinner for our club; approx 60 people. We are definitely amateurs. Thanks!

  • Would like to get a sample of this script please. We are looking do to a fundraiser with a dinner theater.

  • Is the sample of drop dead disco a download. I would like to read the script I don’t mind paying for script but I have no direct plan to perform it at this time. We are looking for our next season for February of 2017.

    • I’ll email you out a script sample as a pdf. It will give you a good overview of the plot, characters, props required, etc. Let me know if you have any questions!

  • We are thinking about a 70’s themed murder mystery dinner as a fundraiser for our hospital gala. We would like to have it be a three act (Salad,soup,appetizer/ Entree/ Dessert) is this possible with Drop Dead Disco script? Also, could you send me a sample script?

    • Drop Dead Disco is, in fact, a three act script! It would be my pleasure to send you out a sample. Please let me know if you have any further questions or would like to discuss anything on the phone.

  • HOLA FROM PANAMA/Central America…..

  • Hi! I would love to read sample copies of Drop dead Disco and Dying for Chocolate. I am an elementary theatre teacher and am looking to do a rather “friendly” murder mystery with my drama club. Do you feel your shows would suffice?



    • Hi JJ – hmmmm. I guess it depends on the age of your thespians. I’ll send you the samples. I could also coach you on how to write on yourself and then you and the class would have to come up with the dialogue but the format and clues would all be in place. Send me you number if you want to talk.

  • Would you please send sample scripts for Drop Dead Disco and Dying for Chocolate? We are looking for a new source of Murder Mysteries for our Theater.


  • Hi! Could you email me a sample copy of both Drop Dead Disco and Gin Joint to me? We are looking to do a murder mystery dinner theater for our local amateur theater group. Thank you!

  • Hi,

    I am turning 40 and want to a host a 70s theme disco murder mystery and dance party. I think this may be perfect. Can you please email me your sample download so I can learn more about how your games work and what is included. Thanks

  • Hi!
    I’m searching for a script for our 2014-2015 Murder Mystery Dinner Theater performance (High School Drama Club). If possible, could you send me a sample of the Drop Dead Disco script?

    Thank you!

    Terry Craven

    • You bet! The drama club could have a lot of fun with this. After you check out the script was can talk and I’ll answer any questions you have.

    • The script sample should be in your email box now.
      Running time is approximately an hour and it is usually performed over two hours as interactive theatre. This means there are breaks of 10-15 minutes between the scenes where the ‘actors’ mingle with the group. Food is often involved. Anything from a four course sit down dinner to appy’s set out on tables throughout the venue. With the smaller food service the mystery could be completed in an hour and a half.

      The script is an ‘improv’ script which means some dialogue is included but mystery entertainment works best if it is performed as if it is actually happening. So the actors can memorize lines but it’s quicker and more fun if they just know what information needs to be gotton out and ‘talk’ (with great exaggeration and melodrama) to each other. This can affect the length of time it takes to complete the mystery as well.

  • Are you still selling these murder mystery scripts?
    I would like to host a murder mystery dinner. A dinner and a show atmosphere,
    where the actors perform the play during the course of a 4 course meal. Would your plays suit this scenario?
    Please contact me and let me know.

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