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EASY MONEY Murder Mystery Fundraiser with Silent Auction


Our EASY MONEY Mystery Fundraiser fabulously combines a mystery event and silent auction to give you a playful way to make a profit. Requires 5 actors: either 2 male and 3 female or 3 male and 2 female. Improv actors or enthusiastic amateurs work best.

Grab some props, gather easy costume accessories and follow the director notes with timeline to pull it all together.

We’ll show you how to have a silent auction without begging for items, a script with no memorizing and a relatively small time commitment, plus prizes and surprizes galore.

Email us for an information package.


Jake Slanders made his fortune starting Rumours, a unique antique company selling trinkets and cast offs rumoured to have belonged to the rich and famous. Jake just died – under suspicious circumstances. Greedy friends, wacky relatives and assorted hanger-on-ers are gathered to hear what’s in it for them – the reading of Jake’s Last Will & Testament. Thanks to Jake’s quirky sense of humour, anyone in the room might be an heir.

 Vee Van Eck, Jake’s lawyer, is present to announce who gets what from the estate. She has a few other announcements to make as well. Announcements such as who killed Jake, how Jake changed his will just before he was murdered and how everyone’s dirty laundry will soon be public when her unauthorized biography of Jake, The Slander Behind Rumours, is released. Jake’s heirs are not happy, though they manage to sneer a little as Vee dies a painful death before their eyes.

          Vivian Van Eck, Lawyer, low-life, jewel fence and environmental watch dog. Vivian has enough billable hours to be 82 years old but she is much, much younger. She never met a person she didn’t make an enemy of, sooner or later.

          Jekyll Slanders, Jake’s son, was hoping for a large inheritance. Jekyll was in pharmaceutical research before something went terribly wrong. The company had no choice but to let him go. Now he’s frantically combining caustic chemicals searching for the cure for bi-polar, obsessive-compulsive, schizophrenia. No luck so far. 

          Jazz Slanders
, Jake’s daughter, can’t quite seem to hold a job but cash flow doesn’t seem to be a problem for her. Jazz is a private yoga instructor when it suits her and is good at getting people to bend over backwards. By the time they manage to straighten themselves up, their wallets, and their instructor have disappeared.

           Blast Slanders, Jake’s brother, born with a bad case of sibling rivalry. Everything Blast wanted, Jake got. Including the one woman he ever fell in love with. Blast is a talented demolitions expert, known for his finesse with a fuse and his genius for taking down mountains and tall buildings with an explosive sense of timing.

          Fleur Flowers
, Jake’s ex-partner. Fleur was a hairdresser with a knack for cuts, an ear for gossip and a head for business. She and Jake teamed up to start The Rumour Mill – her idea. Based on the gossip  they both made a fortune.  Until Jake cut her out of the business with a knack of his own.

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Customer Service is a priority for us here at Mystery Factory. All of our scripts and parties come with online support. Just contact us if you have any questions about the mystery or need help adapting the scripts or instructions.

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  • We are doing an Autism Fundraiser with a silent auction and a few items for a live auction. I would like to incorporate a murder mystery as the entertainment for the event. Is this possible?

  • We are interested in having a mystery theft as part of our silent auction fundraising dinner. We already have auction items including a hand painted mandala that we would like to be the “stolen” masterpiece. This dinner is being held in honor of two teenagers who are trying to raise funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Just wondering if you feel the script could be easily adapted to work with our event.

    • It would be best to start fresh with a theft as the crime from the beginning. When is your function date? Do you have one yet? I could help you write one from scratch if that is of any interest to you. Let me know if you want to chat.

  • We just used the “Easy Money” script for a murder mystery dinner theater and auction fundraiser at our church. Our fundraiser went so well, and we raised over $18,000 for our local and foreign mission projects! The crowd LOVED it!

  • HI, we are interesting in a murder mystery for our fundraiser. Our organization is the West End Coal Harbour Community Policing Centre and we are holding the fundraiser at the Best Western Sands Hotel, Davie Street, Vancouver on Thursday Nov 6th. The theme of the evening is “Murder at the Sands, Final Act “.

    I would like to discuss with you options for the evening. However, before proceeding I must state that our budget for the entertainment is fixed at $1200 and cannot exceed the budgeted amount. If you are able to provide some options within our price range, please contact me.
    Bonnie MacKenzie

    • Hi Bonnie – I’m pretty sure we can help you out. There are a variety of ways to run Mystery Fundraisers; all of them a lot of fun and very successful. Sounds like you already have an idea of what you want the evening to look like. I’ll give you a call and we can come up with some ideas that will work for you.

  • We are trying to do a fundraiser for our church. Hoping to do some type of mystery evening.
    Any suggestions?
    Ank you

    • I have lots of suggestions. It works best if we talk on the phone to start so that I know the perimeters you are working with. Email me your number and a couple of good times to call. jrv(at)

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