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Castaway Critters Mystery Game tn Clue Hunt Mystery Game tn Crime Scene Mystery Game tn Drop Dead Disco Murder Mystery Script tn Dying For Chocolate Murder Mystery Script tn Easy Money Fundraiser Mystery Script tn Fossil Furor Mystery Game tn Gin Joint Murder Mystery Script tn Hobo Heist Mystery Game tnMystery Writing Workshop Bones Poster tn The Butler Did It Mystery Dinner Party tnWe have mysteries for all kinds of groups and parties. If you don’t see something that will work for you – we can help you create it.

Whether you are on the hunt for a kid’s mystery to be played at a child’s birthday  or day camp, want to add zing to a corporate event or whether you are plotting the darkest, stormiest detective novel ever, we can help add some mystery mischief to it.



CVAC Moroccan dinner - Sep 2007

For over 25 years we have written and produced all kinds of mystery entertainment. We know what works and what doesn’t – we made the embarrassing mistakes so you don’t have to. : )
Mystery entertainment can work in any situation, in any venue and for any budget.
We provide ready-to-go mystery party instructions and scripts or we can also help you create your own mystery party or plot.

Gin Joint

We love talking about mysteries and helping people figure out what would be best for their event. If you have any questions about writing, creating or purchasing mystery entertainment or other mystery party related topics PLEASE email me: jrv(at) Inquiries are absolutely free and all of our Mystery Factory products come with on-line support.

Snoop through the Mystery Factory menu for tons of useful writing tips and mystery related trivia.

ThugsThen . . .

. . . remember the joy of dressing up (the clothes were always too big but you filled them anyways), making up stories (a chance to say whatever the heck you wanted and not get in trouble for it) and acting them out (there were never any mistakes – you just made it part of the play)? It was exhilarating. DO IT AGAIN! And if you’ve never done that, it’s time to start! Mystery Factory is here to help you put some playful fun back in your life.