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MYSTERY FACTORY: The Ultimate Mystery Resource


Step by Step Instructions Help You

  • Keep track of the characters; their truths, their lies and their alibis
  • Inspire your villain’s motive, method and opportunity
  • Create clues
  • Stop your mind from taking a simple story and making it complex
  • Stay one step ahead of the reader and yet … at the end they are dazzled by the obviousness of it all
  • CLUETRAIL: From Whodunnit to Solution shows you how to banish writer’s block. Do all your plotting before you start writing and then …


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10 Things You Need
to Know

  1. When is a good time for a mystery event (besides all the time))
  2. How to pick your script
  3. How to pick your actors
  4. How to work with actors
  5. What do you need for props
  6. How to have a rehearsal
  7. How to work with a venue
  8. How to take your show to the next level
  9. What are your options?
  10. OUR SCRIPTS – Follow the instructions


In Process

– CSI Style

Easy Instructions for You to
Engage Children In

  • Everything you need to run a GUMSHOE DETECTIVE AGENCY GAME
  • Setting up the adventure
  • How to play the Game
  • Create your own Games
  • Learning Opportunities
  • Going to SPY SCHOOL
  • Adding-on
  • GUMSHOE GAMES are a springboard to


This way to play …

In Process


Let Yourself be
Amazed and Amused by

  • History of the Mystery / detective Story
  • Mystery Jokes (mostly corny but also funny)
  • Quotes – FOUR different kinds
  • Mystery Anecdotes
  • Mystery Dossier
  • Mystery Authors Menagerie
  • Mystery Trivia
  • Curious Crimes
  • In the News

All of the above will stretch your limits and chances are they need to be stretched … by …


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ABOUT & Other

All about me!

  • Writer & Artist Bio
  • Contact Info
  • Mystery Factory Blog – if I ever get my act together
  • Art from the Outpost – my other website

You are more wonderful than you know!

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Thank you for visiting

  • Hi I purchased the drop dead disco mystery and it has not been emailed to me . I purchased it Feb 20 th 2023 . I’ve been in production at our local theatre and have just been able to get to it .
    I purchased it with my pay pal acct

    • Hi Jennifer – the receipt that you received in your email has a link to the download. Let me know if you can’t find it.

      • HI again,
        I want to thank you for working with me , to get me the script when i didn’t remmeber that it had a 10 day expiration date to download.

        • Your very welcome Jennifer. Customer Service is right up there with love of the puzzle of mysteries as a priority for me.

  • Is there a phone number I can call to ask questions? I need answers as soon as possible to get cost info for our board meeting.
    Thank you!

  • So after an absence of performances due to Covid, we eventually got to perform Gin Joint… in a large wooden shack with 80 diners, theatrical smoke, dim lighting, candles on tables, Gin bar on stage, waiter service etc., thanks to your script and the creativity of our team we transported back in time to 1942, to give the audience a fantastic night with a real buzz of atmoshpere in the room. Equally importantly, the cast and rest of the team thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

    The scrip worked perfectly, the director’s/cast’s notes were very helpful and, all in all, a small number of the audience got the right conclusion which is just how it should be.

    Thanks for your help and allowing us to perform your script… now to search for another.


    Ian W
    Cheadle Amateur Theatrical Society

  • Hi Juanita

    Well tonight we did our one night performance of Gin Joint as a charity fund raiser for our Town Mayor’s charities.

    Thanks to your clever script and hard work from the cast, the evening was a complete success, which the audience absolutely loved it.

    As director I could not have be more pleased and within minutes of finishing our group was asked if we could organise another with a different script and storyline, so we will doubtless be searching your website again.

    Ian W
    Cheadle Amateur Theatrical Society

  • Our Community Theatre had fabulous fun and success with Dying For Chocolate and Gin Joint. They are great fundraisers. We partnered with restaurants and performed at our regular venue. This summer we are partnering with our local Elks Lodge membership drive for two consecutive Drop Dead Disco mystery dinner theaters. There is no doubt they will be sold out! Thank you Juanita Rose!

  • Hello, Could I please be sent example scripts for “Drop Dead Dsico” and “Gin Joint”? My community choir has previously done murder mystery dinner theaters and are looking for a new one to put on as a fund raiser in May.

    • You bet Mary Ann. It will be two separate emails because the files are a good size. I’ll send you info on EASY MONEY as well. It’s designed as a fund raiser with a silent auction.

  • I had the opportunity to spend an hour with Ms. Violini developing an original script. It was great fun and Ms. Violini has a wealth of knowledge. She is an absolute treasure. I highly recommend using her consulting services if you want to try and write your own murder mystery. You will find it quite rewarding.

  • I loved the workshop you gave at WWC on Banish Writers Block using your basic plot wheel and plot elements. It was fantastic. Thank you for all the information you gave.

  • do you have a sample script for Easy Money and how the silent auction ties in?
    Looking as a fundraiser in April


  • Hi Ms Violini,

    My name is Dan and I’m self-isolating with my family in San Diego. I am very interested in purchasing your book “Clue Trails …” Can you email me to discuss purchase options?

      • Ms Violini,

        After spending a few days with your ebook, I am happy to report how much I enjoy your process. Of all the great guidance you provide, I liked the diagrams the most. You make planning a mystery so easy. I hope I have the imagination to fill in the blanks. Thanks again.


        • Thanks Dan! I am thrilled that you are finding it useful : ) and expect you will have a book out the door before you know it.
          Please let me know if you have any plot questions.

  • Could you please send me more information regarding using the Easy Money script with a silent auction. Our group is interested in doing this. How is the auction incorporated into the script?

    • HI Julie – The Easy Money info package should be in your inbox now. The silent auction is incorporated as an estate sale during the reading of the last will and testament of Jake Slanders. Let me know if you have any other questions. We can chat if you like.

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