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80-year-old US woman with jailbirddecades-long criminal record gets 3 years in prison for burglary

Published: Thursday, February 25, 2010 | 1:17 PM ET


TORRANCE, Calif. – An 80-year-old woman with a criminal record stretching back to 1955 has been sentenced to three years in state prison for ransacking and stealing cash from a medical office.

Doris Thompson thanked a judge Wednesday for not sending her to Los Angeles County jail, which she doesn’t like, and said she deserved a longer sentence, the Daily Breeze newspaper reports. She also told the judge, “God bless you.”

State records show Thompson, who has used 27 aliases, has repeatedly been arrested during the past 55 years, mainly for theft. She’s gone to jail several times.

Thompson slipped into the medical office on Dec. 19 and stole money from drawers. She pleaded guilty to burglary and will be eligible for parole in about 18 months.