Our wild west murder mystery script, The Shootout Saloon has horse thieves, bounty hunters and the Blasting Bandits surrounded by natural disasters and trapped together in the saloon. Requires 3 male and 2 female professional improv actors or eager amateurs, some props and minimal rehearsal time. Director notes tell you how to pull it all together. They are best performed as an improv script, with the dialogue being as a springboard into improvisation, but can also be used as a traditional scripts by memorizing the simple lines. Email us for a sample package.

            The Shootout Saloon sits at the junction of the only three ways in … and out … of Horse Thief Valley. Bandits call The Shootout Saloon the best place to meet up after a robbery to split the loot. Tonight an uneasy alliance of horse wranglers are gathering at the Saloon.

Notorious horse thief, Rusty Spurs, has called a parley. He has a plan that will make them all rich.

Sweet Sadie Jane is singing at the Shootout tonight. Sadie showed up at The Junction a couple of weeks ago searching for the dirty skunk who used to be her boyfriend. 

Jackpot Jackson, an alcoholic miner, slouches at the bar, drowning his sorrows and trying to forget the terrible accident he witnessed two years ago.

Racing into town on the heels of disaster comes the Express Stagecoach. Calamity Kate, who rides shotgun, tells of a rockslide closing the road to the north.  The horses were thrown into a panic and the stagecoach driver was thrown under their hooves as they broke away. Calamity is looking for a new driver.
Hot on the trail of The Blasting Bandits are a pair of deadly bounty hunters.
Welcome to the Shootout Saloon, where everyone is waiting for a way out of town. At least the telegraph is still working … for now.

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Audio Clue – Gunshots & Guffaw

Dark Western Riff

Perfect for theater troupes looking for new shows, vacation resorts upscaling their offerings, or restaurants aiming to rule dinnertime, these scripts can be utilized by seasoned professionals or eager amateurs alike. All you really need is a Director with a good sense of timing,  six actors who like to ham it up and a few easy to find props.

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