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CUSTOM-WRITTEN Events: Mystery Playbooks

Scripts Custom-Written With Your Input

Working Together to Get YOU Exactly What You Want!
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An events that combines your insider’s knowledge, wishes and desires with our expertise to pen custom-written mystery scripts creates an unforgettable  occasion that is uniquely yours.

Working together to create a

  • You decide on the mystery that must be solved. We can provide a list of motives if you need help. The mystery doesn’t have to be a crime – but it usually is. Adult mysteries are most often murders and children’s mysteries are most often thefts. 
  • You pick four to six colourful, crazy characters as suspects. We can help with over-the-top suggestions. Quirky habits and fun accessories will make a suspect memorable.
  • Together we will make some easy but tricky clues so that your detectives can figure out whodunnit. 
  • We will make sure you know how much time the set-up will take, what easy to find props are needed and how to run the timelines. A mystery playbook lets you host your very own spectacular mystery event. Good for special interest groups of any size.

Whether you want certain circumstances to be emphasized or have a special people you want to play a leading role or you just need a little help smoothing out the rough edges of a mystery yourself, we can help.

Read more about how our scripts work here.

Party Balloon GirlOne of the great things about mysteries is their infinite flexibility. We’ve been in a variety of situations and there is nothing like live theatre to confirm ‘expect the unexpected’! Check out our mystery parties and if you don’t find something that fits your situation – Give us a call: 250-409-9928 or drop us an email: jrv(at)

Mysteries are infinitely flexible
and infinitely FUN!



  • Thank you so much for working with my on Kim’s Surprise Party! The crowd loved the performance and had a lot of fun playing along. Your script was so well put together and easy to follow! I can’t thank you enough!

    • Thanks Maria! It was fun plotting together. And I can’t help but wonder what pasta with cocoa powder would taste like… but not enough to try it. : )

  • I would like to host a mystery party for 4 girls aged 11, and it is possible to include myself in the game. Do you have anything that I can use for their parts, instructions on how to let the game play out?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Shira – sorry for taking so long to get back to you. It’s fairly simple to come up with something but long to explain it. Can I call you? Email me your number.

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