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The Night Spies

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Kids love to play outside at night, especially if it is something that they don’t usually do.

Spice up your child’s party by designing a Clue Hunt and then playing the game at night. This is something that you should set up in daylight, in your yard, a day or two ahead of time so that you can play it yourself first and make sure that there aren’t any unexpected tricky bits or hazards. Is there a tree stump that can be tripped over? Flag it.

Give the spies flashlights. Play as singles, with a partner, or in teams depending on the age of the children involved.

Fun for a summer camp or family reunion as well.

LASER MAZE – Kids Mystery or Spy Party

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Hey it’s been NINE YEARS since I have last blogged. That has to be some kind of a record, right?  Well time to get back up on the horse and gallop off into social media again. So this time around I will be focusing on Mystery Tips for your parties and plots.  Here’s the first one!

Most kids enjoy playing in the dark if they feel safe. Why not set up a GLOW IN THE DARK LASER MAZE for your next spy party sleepover? White yarn, rags or crepe paper strung across a hallway, staircase or porch will glow under a black light.