Deryn Collier – Mystery Queen of the Kootenays …

… and soon the world.

I kid you not.

Deryn Collier Kimberley BC was the scene of much blood and betrayal last weekend, though you never would have known it if you had gone for a leisurely stroll down the alpine platzl. Tucked away, behind locked doors, on the upper floor of the library were twelve devious minds planning murders by the minute under the guidance of mastermind Deryn Collier.

Her first book, Confined Space, will have you ignoring children and chores as Confined Spaceyou are caught in a uniquely Canadian setting with people you care about – in trouble. And there’s beer!

This woman will be the west’s Louise Penny. I’m sure of it. And if you haven’t read Louise Penny yet, well that’s good news bad news. Good news because you haven’t yet come home to Three Pines and it’s all waiting for you. Bad news because then you will know the excruciating anticipation of waiting for her latest book.  

Louise Penny



A Killer Talent

A funny thing happened on the way to promote my cluetrail writing class Mystery Bones. I teamed up with a friend who is promoting it for my and I swear this women has a killer talent. She’s found an archive of old photos and is able to rattle off scenarios as they run down her fingers and escape via the keyboard onto the screen. Here’s a sample of her stuff below. And oh yeah – if you’re in the Canmore AB area on November 2 and 3, sign up for my class.

The building was old and well used, and finally slated for demolition. Parts of the brick façade were crumbling away, and the memory of onions, garlic and spices mixed with the smells of dust and mildew in the hallways. Old mattresses and piles of trash said the building was now a refuge for the homeless and characters of ill repute.

This did not discourage the two men who entered the building that day. Climbing the stairs to one of the higher floors they found the elevator doors open, and the elevator itself above them. They leaned in, curious to view the inner workings that few get to see.

Suddenly something large and hard hit them both in the back, sweeping their feet from under them and sending them both to their deaths in the bottom of the concrete pit.

Why was the elevator door open? Why was the elevator above them? What or who hit them, causing them to lose their balance and fall?

Learn how to lay a clue trail and plot a murder at the Mystery Bones Workshop – Canmore – November 2 & 3. Visit
for more info.

And stay away from open elevator shafts.


Plot a Mystery Party for Teens

Dynamite ClassAmaze your friends and family with a professionally plotted mystery party. This fun-filled class will lead you through the creation of:
–  A diabolical crime and crime scene
–  An outrageous cast of characters
–  Clues to plant and follow to the suspects
–  Scenes to hide the clues in
By the end of the session you’ll be able to plan a party and invite your guests to put on their Sherlock hat’s and figure out ‘whodunnit’! Great for a Halloween Party.

Recommended for students ages 12 – 17 years.
Oct 10 & 17 – Thursday 6pm – 8pm
Oct 19 Saturday 10am – 2pm


Invermere Campus:
Phone: 250-342-3210, Toll Free: 1-866-489-2687 ext 7110 or email:

Cracked! Case Solved

This is Fern’s Basket. The carousel goes round and the horses go up and down and it lights up. Fern’s basket was the most popular as far as prize baskets go but then many of the entrants pre-teen. Her fingerprints and a few other clues were found at the crime scene.
Nearly 100 people joined Mystery Factory for a clue hunt at our booth at the Shop Local Canmore Trade Fair in Canmore AB last weekend. We won 1st place for the Most Fun booth, 2nd place for the Friendliest Booth and 3rd place for the People’s Choice Best Overall Booth! Thank you Canmore!
At the end of the day we had four happy winners of our awesome prize baskets. Putting them together was just as much fun as planning the mystery. A basket was themed after each of the suspects and it was a pretty equal match as to which basket was the most popular.

Old McDonald’s Basket is filled with an assortment of stuffies and other animals types. Old McDonald is the villian who stole the precious gems from the carousel horse and replaced them with candy. Farming isn’t cheap you know.

Patsy Produce’s Basket is pretty exciting too. It includes a teapot in the shape of a head of lettuce with a radish on top of the lid. You can just barely make it out at the back of the basket. There is also a flower garden snow globe filled with glitter instead of snow. Patsy has a pet monkey, an appalling pet for a produce person to have.


Finally there is Zoltar the Fortune Teller. It’s hard to make out the blue crystal star hanging from the handle of the basket but hang there it does.
All in all, it was a wonderful weekend my fabulous husband tells me. He was generous to go and look after things for me as I was unable to get away.

‘Crack the Case’ at the Canmore Trade Fair

The Case of the Candy Carousel – A ‘Crack the Case’ Mystery Contest

One day left for the Mystery Factory Booth at the Shop Local Canmore Trade Fair. Stop by and check us out. Solve the Case of the Candy Carousel and enter to win some really great prizes! Our man on the spot, Tony Berryman, says the hardest thing people have to do is figure out which basket they want to win.